How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Indonesia

Bitcoin, as the leading cryptocurrency, has attracted the attention of many investors around the world, including in Indonesia. Ease of access and potential for large profits make Bitcoin a tempting investment choice. For beginners, Bitcoin offers the opportunity to enter the world of digital currencies with relatively lower risks compared to other cryptos. With ever-increasing value and technology blockchain safe, Bitcoin is an ideal choice for those who want to start investing in the crypto world.

Panduan Membeli dan Menjual Bitcoin di Indonesia

How To Buy Bitcoin

Choosing a Crypto Trading Platform

The first step in buying Bitcoin is to choose a crypto trading platform or exchange. These platforms have evolved to be easier to use in recent years. A good platform choice for beginners could be Tokocrypto or Pintu. This decision depends on a number of factors, including ease of use, transaction costs, and security.

Linking a Payment Method

After selecting a platform, the next step is to connect your payment method. Most crypto exchange platforms accept a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and even PayPal or Apple Pay. It is important to consider the fees associated with each payment method; Bank transfers tend to be the cheapest, while credit/debit card purchases may require additional fees​​.

Making Purchases

When you are ready to buy, you don't need to buy a full Bitcoin; Bitcoin can be purchased in small fractions. Each Bitcoin is divided into 100 million smaller units, known as Satoshi or “Sats.” By purchasing just a fraction of one Bitcoin, this investment becomes more affordable for most people. This allows for greater flexibility and accessibility in investing in Bitcoin, especially for those just starting out​​.

Storing your Bitcoins

After purchase, it is important to think about where you will store your Bitcoins. Storage options include a crypto wallet hardware (cold storage) or store it on an exchange platform. Wallet hardware like the Coldcard Mk4 offers a high level of security, allowing you to store Bitcoins online offline and stay away from potential hacks on line.

If you are not comfortable being responsible for your private keys, it may be better to store your Bitcoins with a trusted custodian, such as Fidelity or Webull. This is important, especially after the FTX crash in 2022, which showed that not all digital asset storage platforms can be trusted​​.

Trading Platforms and Applications

Currently, a large number of exchanges and applications trading has made the process of purchasing Bitcoin easier by receiving rupiah via bank transfer or using a credit/debit card and even digital wallets. For those who feel confused about choosing the appropriate platform, there are various choices of sites that provide services such as Indodax, Pintu, and Tokocrypto.

Apart from exchanges, money transfer apps like CashApp and PayPal have also become popular ways to buy Bitcoin. For example, CashApp makes it easy to both purchase and use Bitcoin, and PayPal makes it possible to purchase Bitcoin with a few simple steps through its app​​.

Peer-to-peer Money Transfer and Bitcoin ATM

For a more personal and direct method of purchasing Bitcoin, you may consider using a P2P platform (peer-to-peer) like BitQuick. This platform provides the opportunity to acquire Bitcoins directly from other individuals without going through exchanges or intermediaries. However, it is important to remember that when making in-person transactions, always prioritize security by choosing a safe meeting location.

Cara membeli Bitcoin

Basic Tips Before Buying and Selling Bitcoin Assets

Buying and selling Bitcoin is an art and a science that requires preparation and deep understanding. Before starting, it is important to understand the technology and assets involved. Bitcoin, which is fertile ground for thousands cryptocurrencies others, offer unique opportunities but are also challenging due to their volatility​​​​.

The first step is to choose cryptocurrency exchanges reliable ones, such as Binance, Tokocrypto, or Pintu. After creating an account, you will need to link a bank account to fund your account, usually via bank transfer or debit card. This process ensures you are ready to start trading​​​​.

Majority traders choose to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum because their movements are more predictable compared to smaller altcoins. However, altcoins provide the potential for greater profits even with higher risks​​. It's important to save cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet, be it a hardware wallet (hardware wallet) for maximum protection or software wallet (software wallet) for easier access​​.

In addition to asset selection, understanding how the market works is key. Market crypto, which operates 24/7, is a game zero-sum where buyers and sellers face each other. Understanding the order book and how it works can help you make more informed decisions in trading​​.

Basic principles trading “Buy low, sell high” must be understood in the context of a volatile market. Market trends can bullish (ascending) or bearish (descending), with each offering opportunities trading different. Recognizing and understanding these trends is an important part of the strategy trading who are successful.

Technical analysis, including the use of indicators such as support and resistance and trend lines, is an important tool in determining when to enter or exit a position trading. This includes understanding price formations such as candlesticks And moving averages which can provide valuable information about market momentum​​.

On the other hand, fundamental analysis includes assessing the intrinsic value of a project cryptocurrencies. This involves looking into the technology, the team behind the project, potential adoption, and tokenomics. These aspects can provide important insights into the asset's future performance​​​​.

Risk management is an important part of trading, including knowing how much you are willing to lose on each trade. Portfolio diversification and undertaking stop-loss or take-profit is an important strategy to minimize losses and lock in profits​​​​​​.

Finally, it is very important to carry out independent research (Do Your Own Research – DYOR) before investing in crypto assets.

4 Steps to Sell Bitcoin

Selling Bitcoin, especially for beginners, can seem challenging, but with the right guidance, the process is easy and safe. Here are the detailed steps for selling Bitcoin:

Choose the Right Digital Asset Exchange

The first step in selling Bitcoin is to choose exchange or marketplace trusted digital assets. Exchange it acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, providing a platform for transactions. When choosing exchange, pay attention to factors such as security, transaction fees, ease of use, and reputation. Exchange Good ones also offer responsive customer support to help if you encounter any problems.

Registration and KYC

After determining exchange, the next step is to create an account. This process generally involves filling out a form with basic information such as name, email, and password. After the account is created, you must go through an identity verification or KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

This is an important step to ensure account security and comply with applicable regulations. The KYC process usually requires uploading identity documents such as KTP or passport and a photo of yourself. Once verification is complete, your account is ready to be used for transactions.

Selling Bitcoin Through the Marketplace

In exchange, you will find the option to sell Bitcoin. Typically, this involves entering a menu marketplace in exchange and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. You also need to determine the selling price. This can be done in two ways:

Become a Market Maker: Here, you determine your own selling price for Bitcoin. The advantage is, you are not charged transaction fees. However, you need to wait for a buyer who is willing to buy your Bitcoin at the specified price.

Instant Sale or Market Order: This option allows you to sell your Bitcoins instantly at the current market price. You just need to enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, and exchange will automatically sell it at the best price available.

Receipt of Rupiah

After your Bitcoin is sold, the sales proceeds in Rupiah will appear in your account. You can withdraw this amount to your bank account or leave it in exchange for future transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between trading and investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) investment aims to buy and hold Bitcoin long-term, ignoring short-term price fluctuations and focusing on growing the value of the asset. On the contrary, trading Bitcoin takes advantage of market volatility for short-term profits, often relying on technical analysis. Traders operate on shorter timescales, while investors adopt a longer-term view and are often more risk averse​​.

What is the minimum to buy Bitcoin (BTC) at the door?

At Pintu, you can start investing in Bitcoin with a minimum amount of IDR 11,000. This provides easy access for those who want to start investing in the world cryptocurrencies with affordable capital.

Where can we buy Bitcoin?

In Indonesia, purchasing Bitcoin can be done easily and safely via exchange supervised by BAPPEBTI. Some popular platforms include Indodax, which offers a friendly user experience and a variety of payment options; Tokocrypto, which provides a platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and other crypto assets; and Zipmex, a digital asset investment platform that makes registration and verification easy. Payment can be made via bank transfer, DANA, GoPay, and OVO.

What makes Bitcoin expensive?

The high price of Bitcoin is influenced by several factors. Bitcoin is considered a hedge against inflation and global economic uncertainty, thereby attracting investor interest. International regulations, especially in large markets such as the US and China, greatly affect market access and Bitcoin mining. Decisions in the traditional financial sector that make it easier to invest in Bitcoin, as well as social media influence by well-known figures, also contribute to Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Is Bitcoin legal?

Bitcoin has been declared legal in Indonesia since 2019 by the Ministry of Trade through the Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). However, in Indonesia, Bitcoin is considered a tradable commodity, not a legal tender. The Governor of Bank Indonesia emphasized that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are not legal means of payment in Indonesia because they do not comply with statutory provisions​​.

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